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About us



Be the best Reference Laboratory in the Virgin Islands, the leader in technology, quality and service excellence; satisfying the demand and market needs in the laboratory tests while contributing to improving the health of our community.


  • As a clinical reference laboratory we are committed to:


  • Provide prompt and excellence laboratory analysis to patients and clients.


  • The development by our technological ability to provide the best service to clinical laboratories, patients and doctors.


  • Maximize the full professional and personal development of our human resources.


  • Committed to meet customer expectations.


  • Maintain a safe working environment, a highly motivated workforce and good relations with the community.



  • You can receive and / or print the results electronically:


  1. By email

  2. By regular mail.

  3. By fax.

  4. In our facilities.


  • Identification by barcode sample tubes.


  • Automated sample processing


  • Bank of patient data


  • Central information system


  • Bi-directional interface with all equipment


  • Interface impression with physicians and laboratories


  • Electronic signature


  • Electronic billing

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